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Notable Theta Chi Alumni

John M. Shalikashvili, Former Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, Supreme Allied Commander, Commander-in-Chief United States Military (Retired)

Steven Spielberg, Movie Producer, Writer & Director

Charles Addams, Cartoonist for New Yorker Magazine & creator of The Addams Family

Rob Corddry, Screen Actor and “Senior Correspondent” on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Francis H. Striker, Writer, Co-Creator of the Lone Ranger

Lee Iacocca, Former Chairman and CEO, Chrysler Corporation

William Oesterle, CEO Angie’s List and former Purdue Trustee

J. William Grimes, Former President and CEO, ESPN

Alfred Lynch, Former CEO and International President, JC Penney Co., Author

Harry Mullikin, Former Chairman, Westin Hotels & Resorts

John Kapioltas, Former Chairman, President, Director and CEO, Sheraton Hotels

William K. Howell, Former President and CEO, Miller Brewing Company, Milwaukee

Robert Krasa, Former President and CEO of Dow Corning, Former CEO of Haworth Inc.

Warren Magnuson, Former US Senator

Carl T. Curtis, Former US Senator and Representative

Ralph G. Brooks, Former Governor of Nebraska

Robert “Lefty” Grove,  Baseball Hall of Famer – Philadelphia A’s 1925-33, Boston Red Sox 1934-41

Theodore Christianson, Former Governor of Minnesota

Jacob A. Preus, Former Governor of Minnesota

Ernest W. Gibson, Former US Senator, Governor of Vermont

Henry Schricker, Former Governor of Indiana

Michael Berghoff (Alpha Delta), Lenex Steel, CEO; Purdue Trustee & Purdue President Search Committee Chair

Ambassador Randall L. Tobias, U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator, Former CEO and Chairman, AT&T, Former Chairman, President and CEO of Eli Lilly and Company, Author

Fuller Warren, Former Governor of Florida

Harry Hughes, Former Governor of Maryland

Harry Reasoner, Former news anchor of ABC & CBS, Editor of 60 Minutes

Herbert Kubly, Journalist and playwright

Michael J. Shaara, Pulitzer Prize winner for the novel The Killer Angels which served as the basis for the movie Gettysburg

Paul Zimmerman, Sports Editor of the Los Angeles Times

Jay Ingram, Toronto Star Journalist, Author, TV Host of several Discovery Channel Canada programs, including Daily Planet

Dr. Donald E. Knuth, Computer Scientist and Professor Emeritus, Stanford University

Dr. Owen Chamberlain, Former Professor of Physics, joined “Manhattan Project” 1942-1946, Winner of 1959 Nobel Prize in Physics

Dr. Edward G. Gibson, Former NASA Astronaut, spent 84 days aboard Skylab

Ralph “Shug” Jordan, Former Head Football Coach Auburn University, 1957 NCAA Champions

Brian Cardinal (Alpha Delta), Former Purdue basketball player and member of 2011 NBA Championship Dallas Mavericks

Vern Mikkelsen, Former basketball player for the Minneapolis Lakers & in the Basketball Hall of Fame

Tunch A. Ilkin, Former NFL athlete and voice of the Pittsburgh Steelers

Jim Parque, Former pitcher for the Chicago White Sox

Bill “Tosh” Tosheff, First NBA co-rookie of the year (1951-52), played for the Indianapolis Olympians & Milwaukee Hawks

Tom Haller, Former MLB catcher for the San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers and Detroit Tigers

Alan K. “Al” Saunders, Offensive Coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs, Former Head Coach of the San Diego Chargers, 1986–1988

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